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Who Are FaCTS Alchemy?

We are a specialist brokerage service - part of the FaCTS Group - established to provide a unique range of services to assist companies considering funding their business through factoring, discounting or other forms of asset finance.

Our sister company FaCTS International has been providing training and consultancy service to the UK Factoring and Discounting market for the last 20 years. As well as in many overseas markets from Australia to Istanbul and Singapore to Barcelona and Moscow to Los Angeles

Our two partners (Robin & Eileen Peers) have between them over 50 years experience of working in and training for the industry in the UK and across the world. We are probably the largest specialist training company for the world-wide factoring and discounting industry.

Our group of associates adds to our expertise and experience bringing a cross section of long serving current and retired industry professionals many of who, have over 25 years experience in the industry.

We have run training events and/or carried out consultancy contracts for almost every factoring company in the UK from the very largest to the smallest/newest as well as for many overseas factors.

We work very closely with the Factors and Discounters Association having, over the years, designed and run most of their formal education programmes as well as providing specific training for their members.

Taken together our experience of factoring and discounting gives us unique first hand knowledge of almost every company operating in the UK industry today.

We also have very close personal and working relationships with many hundreds of people who work in the industry and are responsible for delivering their companies services to their clients.

And whilst we really believe in factoring and discounting as excellent products to assist in business financing. We also believe in trying to fit 'square pegs into square holes' so that long term happy and successful business relationships are established from day one which benefit all parties.

The unique range of services provided by FaCTS Alchemy assists you in getting the perfect fit.

FaCTS Alchemy the transformation of 'normal' relationships into GOLDEN ones.