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What Makes FaCTS Alchemy Unique?

  • We have an enormous amount of knowledge of the factoring, discounting and 'asset based' lending industry in the UK. After all we have worked (via our training company FaCTS International) over the last 20 years for almost every company in the industry and we have trained many hundreds of the people who actually run the operations of those companies. We are therefore in a unique position to advise our clients on the 'right' company and 'right' product to meet their precise needs.

  • Every factor/discounter has differences in their products and services and in their operational delivery systems. And like all businesses their individual strengths and weaknesses.

  • Through our 'insider' view of the industry we are uniquely placed to match your needs to a company that will most effectively deliver what you need. Helping to get square pegs into square holes - is the unique benefit only obtainable via FaCTS Alchemy

  • Our personal knowledge of the people who will actually be handling your account on a day to day basis (rather than just the sales contact) also offers a unique benefit to our clients. We can use our knowledge of the personalities to often make useful comment - as to which factor/discounter actually likes your type of business and the particular factors team that will be most sympathetic to your business needs.

  • There is no other company in the UK with such an intimate knowledge of this industry - which means that our clients can benefit from our extensive 'insider knowledge' in their search for the 'perfect' factor, discounter or asset based lending arrangement

  • And all this means that you have the full 'behind the scenes' view before becoming committed to a particular company.

And access to this unique depth of knowledge costs you nothing.