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Call Centers

This is, as we are sure you are aware, a massive and rapidly expanding sector of business activity. At FaCTS International we have been very active in this field for some 10 years. Our activities falling into three main areas.

  • Setting up New Call Centers

    • Everything from sourcing equipment, introducing our associated businesses who have lots of expertise in supplying and setting up the computer and communication technology needed to drive the Centre

    • Recruitment and the training of new staff to man the Centre

    • Simply an A to Z package

  • Consultancy on Systems and Operational Procedures

    • Writing and setting up initial operational procedures, designed to maximise productivity through the Centre

    • Updating and recommending new approaches in existing Centers

    • Maximising the link between technology and people

  • Training

    • From setting up an running induction training for new starts (typical project involved over 400 people in 8 weeks) right through to delivering the full range of skills training, often concentrating on communication and relationship/customer care skills

    • Management skills for team leaders, in particular 'Training the Trainers'.

For more information just contact us and we will delighted to discuss your requirements.