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We have been running our popular training Masterclasses for a number of years now and the subject range seems to expand each time we publish a guide.

Masterclasses are designed for those who want to know about a subject from a practical perspective - they are not theory courses - they draw on the experiences of the lecturers and of the delegates themselves to build real day-to-day useable skills in each of the topic areas.

Each Masterclass is limited in delegate numbers to allow full participation.

We are always adding new topics to our list of Masterclasses to meet specific requirements. So if you would like to be included on our regular email Update/News list just send us your email address. Click here


Masterclass Title Details

Audit and Survey

(2 days)

If there was a single key skill needed in today's industry then this would surely be competing for the prize.. A highly practical Masterclass that looks behind the standard audit and survey form/checklist. It delves into the heart of information gathering exploring both the methods available for information gathering and the reasons we want the information in the first place. An excellent Masterclass for the newly appointed surveyor/auditor, for someone moving into a sales role in which they will perform mini-surveys, or as a refresher for existing auditors/surveyors. (Diary)

Client / Account Management

(1 day)

Well really we are not quite telling the truth when we say that this is a new course. It's certainly new as one of our Masterclasses but it's a programme we run constantly through the year as an in-house programme for our clients. Ideal for those who are carrying out a client/account manager role and office based or on the road. This Masterclass will help you in understand what makes clients tick, whey they react they way they do and how you as the client manager must manage the relationship. A vital Masterclass for the new Client/Account manager or for those needing to brush up their skills.(Diary)

Commercial Awareness

(1 day)

The first of our new Masterclasses - this one has been developed from a very popular in-house course that we have run for a number of clients. It is designed for client/account managers or anyone who needs to understand how businesses actually work in the real world. Covering such topics as - legal business structures, the laws that effect business operations, VAT, Taxation, Health and safety etc..etc.., It answers all the questions you never quite got round to asking, but you should know the answers if you are going to be fully professional. (Diary)

Credit Control and Collections

(2 days)

All we need now is the money...and the debtor happy,,and the client happy...oh! and we need to ensure our investment is secure (perhaps we should be running a course on paranoia). This Masterclass is designed to equip our credit controllers with the complex range of skills they need to be factoring acrobats (sorry!) Credit Controllers. Using our famous 'Workbook' of 'factoring' specific problems areas the Masterclass will develop both factoring specific and general credit control collection skills. (Diary)

First Steps into Operational Management

(3 days)

A very difficult first step - from 'one-of-the-team' to the client manager (or whatever title you use) this Masterclass helps the newly appointed, or those being developed towards a management role to take this first step with confidence. The Masterclass delivers an understanding of the 'people management' skills that we all need when we take this first step, along with useful tools to enable them to take control of their team with confidence. Based on our first hand experience in the industry this Masterclass recognises the very specific demands placed on our first line managers by our industry - and sets them with off with a head start. Also suitable as a refresher for existing first line managers or those who need a less 'technical' focus. (Diary)

Fraud and Security

(1 day)

One of our most popular Masterclasses it covers the latest fraud and security issues as well as reinforcing good practice in the areas of security and fraud protection. Ideal for anyone who has to cope with the pressures and the problems of working in a service industry with high security risks and who need to be able to identify developing risk situations and take preventative action. Simply this Masterclass will be suitable for anyone who needs to manage their security more effectively. (Diary)

Interactive Finance

(1 day)

This Masterclass is designed for those who have to meet with potential or existing clients and will during those meetings collect financial information. It gives them the ability to immediately ask relevant questions that can reveal the key issues in the clients/prospects business. An absolute must for those interested in security protection and company assessment. This Masterclass requires a reasonable understanding of the basics of financial accounts, it will also be suitable for someone who lacks confidence in 'off-the-cuff' questioning. (Diary)

Introduction to Factoring and Discounting

(1 Day)

Everything you need to know about our industry. Jargon explained and factoring/discounting operations explored in detail. This is the ideal course for those new to the industry in whatever job role. The day covers marketing, legal and fraud and security risks and provides an excellent foundation course for new starters. (Diary)

Introduction to Stock Finance


With the growth of new products into our market 'stock finance' is rapidly becoming one of the more common ways in which factors are increasing the funding levels to their clients. This move into new territory opens up new potential risks as well as the opportunity for bigger rewards. This new Masterclass explores all the key elements of stock financing including, structuring and costing stock finance deals, auditing stock, what to and want not to finance.. If you need to understand what stock finance is and how it works this is the Masterclass for you. (Diary)

Reading the Runes - Risk Assessment

(1 day)

This is for anyone who needs to assess the risk of potential and existing clients. It adds technical assessment skills to those provided by the Underwriting and Audit and Survey Masterclasses. (Diary)

Reconciling Discounting Accounts

(1 day)

With the continued growth in discounting more and more staff are getting involved in reconciling discounting clients - and not all feel confident in the process as a consequence many reconciliations are done in a poor even slipshod way that enables clients to hide risk problems. This Masterclass should pay for itself a hundred times over in improved security and risk management. (Diary)

Selling Factoring and Discounting

(2 day

After a very (very) brief overview of selling skills this Masterclass moves rapidly into the heart of our industry - how do we sell our products and services. Covering the key issues from new business sources - through introducers - into prospect objections - via competition(!) - including selling the 'technical aspects of the product - until we end up with Underwriters. A great two days that will help increase sales for existing sales people and is an essential for the person who is new to sales or new to the industry. (Diary)

Understanding Finance

(3 x 2 days)

Our most popular Masterclass - Eileen works her magic over and over again with this Masterclass - delegates come on it and go away actually understanding what accounts are and what they can tell you. The Masterclass is always fun, not delivered by an accountant who speaks 'Martian' but by someone who though practical experience knows what her delegates want. A not to be missed Masterclass. (Diary)

Understanding Finance Follow Up

(2 days)

Designed to go a little further down the financial road, brush up on those basis skills/knowledge that may have rusted up a bit and generally tidy you up.iary)