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Our range of servcies acn be tailored to meet you exact requirments howver the following are our most commonly requested servcies.

Audit Services (Clients)

Regular Performance Audits

  • The regular quarterly security review audits

  • Special one-off audits

  • Client visits and general security reviews

Risk Audits - specific targeted audit reviews of a particular area

Stock and Asset Finance Audits

  • Stock taking and 'value' reporting

  • Comparative reporting "book figures v recoverable values" this is vital information for maintaining workable exit strategies.

  • Market valuations for assets that may not be normally covered under the principle agreement

C.H.O.C.C performance evaluations/audits

Audit Services (Internal)

  • Analysis and reporting on your own internal client audit processes, procedures and policies including the design of audit reports and procedures.

  • The training of audit staff (either external or on-the-job)

  • Internal risk profiling

New Client Surveys

  • Detailed reporting on all key areas of a prospective clients' business - working in conjunction with and to complement the work of new business staff, we can quickly produce comprehensive survey reports for consideration by your underwriters.

  • We can also offer training of sales/survey staff (either external or on-the-job)