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Specialist Audit, Survey and Support Services - for the Factoring/Discounting and Asset Finance Industry
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Welcome to Hidden FaCTS

Hidden FaCTS is a company within the FaCTS Group offering tailor-made specialist support services to the factoring, discounting and asset finance industry, in the areas of risk identification and security protection.

Our philosophy is shown in our name - we specialise in seeking out and discovering the information that you need to make soundly based decisions on the financing of your clients, which will enable you to safely maximise your bottom line.

Whilst Hidden FaCTS is a new name to some, its prime movers have many years experience in the factoring/discounting and asset finance industry and will certainly be well known to many in the industry..

  • Robin Peers - Partner in FaCTS International - with over 30 years hands-on experience in all aspects of the industry as well as being the original author of FDA Diploma and Certificate courses as well as co-author of the industry standard text book - Robin is perhaps one of the best known and most knowledgeable people in the industry today.

  • Eileen Peers - Partner in FaCTS International - with over 25 years of industry experience Eileen brings her unique style to all our activities - extremely focused and capable of taking complex issues and breaking them down into simple understandable key points.

And to compliment/support our expertise we have access to a group of associates - expert specialists that we can call on for their expert advice in some of the more complex areas - so we can offer our clients a unique mix of experience, expertise and a package of services for the factoring, discounting and asset lending industry.

Look on us an extension to your existing team that you can call on just when you need extra professional and expert support in the areas of risk protection and monitoring.


It goes almost without saying that we fully appreciate and respect our clients need for total confidentiality so we are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement should this be required.