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Assessment Centers

All appointments are important and we all try to make the right decision particulary with those appointments that are critical to our overall performance But the question always remains "...is this person I am interviewing as good in real life as they are in this interview..." Well FaCTS Select can lift the selection process to the next level and explore

Based on our unique experience of the industry and utilising the training work we have carried out over the last 17 years - we have designed a suite of exercises that can be simply tailored into a days assessment centre for the following job roles .

  • Operation Director
  • Operations Managers
  • Account Manager
  • Client Manager
  • Team Managers/Supervisors/Leaders

The starting pint is a detailed brief on the job vacancy and the key skills/experience etc. needed to successfully carry out the role. We then tailor the exercises and set up the assessment day.

The Assessment Centre runs over a day and is normally structured as follows..

  • The short listed candidates are invited to attend (usually a maximum of 5)

  • A team of observers is set up (this is the minimum number recommended)

    • A FaCTS Select Partner

    • A member of the client's own personnel department (Personnel officer/manager etc.)

    • Either the manager wanting the new staff member or a senior staff member from the same discipline as the vacancy

  • During the day a series of carefully designed exercises is conducted covering all the key aspects of the job. The candidates are observed and marked on their performances throughout the day.

  • The exercises themselves probe technical knowledge and the softer skills.

  • Each candidate thus has the opportunity of impressing the panel through their performance in the tasks and with their interaction with the panel and other candidates.

  • The panel meets at the end of the day - compares scores and discusses each candidate in detail - and against the original job profile.

  • Detailed feedback is give to each candidate on their strengthens and weakness and the successful candidate informed.

The assessment centre approach is also ideal for internal candidates, as it takes away much of the 'face-fits' or doesn't fit problem. Candidates are assessed against laid down criteria for doing the job effectively.

Each assessment center is carefully designed to enable candidates to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and attitudes towards those areas that are considered key to the appointment being sought.

We can in addition design special assessment centers for other job roles/positions.