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Introducing FaCTS Webs

Hi .....My name is Robin Peers and I and my wife set up FaCTS International some 20 years ago.

Over that time the companies business interests and areas of operation have grown and developed into all sorts of areas - you can see the range of things we do under our FaCTS Group link above. The design of web sites being one of the more recent.

Why Offer Web Design?

Well simply because we have been there ourselves paying lots (and lots!) of money for overly complex web sites that delivered very little and took forever to maintain so quickly fell into dissrepair and became outdated - and frankly useless.

Well we learnt our lesson and started to produce our own sites some years ago following some basic rules...

  • Simple sites that carry the main message in a clear and easily understood format.

  • No complicated graphics or videos that cannot be seen by many potential viewers and need complex support.

  • Sites that can be easily and quickly maintained to keep them up to date and fresh.

  • And overall sites that people find interesting to visit.

Based on this first hand experience we offer a simple and cost effective solution to those who want a simple web site to advertise their business and/or hobby. (Yes we can produce more complex sites just contact us for details)