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Training and Development Services Overview

We provide a wide range of specific training in factoring, discounting and other aspects of asset based lending, each workshop being tailored to achieve specific objectives. Information on our range of in-house workshops

'Professional Development' Course

Our e-leaning course the FaCTS International Competency Course. This course is the most comprehensive ever published on the factoring industry. For more information click here.

In Company and Public Workshops

We run a wide range of technical workshops for our clients, usually tailored to their exact requirements. The majority of our work is of this nature. We do however also run a series of specialist Factoring Masterclasses on a public basis which are open to anyone.

Consultancy and Special Service

Like our training activities our consultancy services cover a very wide spectrum of activities - from advising and working with a client to set up a new Factoring company (including computer setup and support) through to consultancy contracts to improve the overall collections results of a client's collections team.

General Management and Financial Training

In addition to providing industry specific training we also run many workshops covering management and finance topics. Our first hand knowledge of the industry means that we can turn general training workshops into targeted workshops designed for the needs of the delegates working in an industry we know extremely well. Information on

Call Center Training and Development

Over the last 10 years this has become an extremely important part of our business working very closely with a number of blue-chip organisations (Vodafone, Carphone Warehouse) we have assisted in improving call center performance.

In the process of work this we have devised a unique approach to performance improvement - the 5's Approach. For more information on 5's click here.

Computer Training

We can provide training on most of the latest computer packages from the Microsoft range - Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint as well as from a number of other packages.

Our approach is unique in that we bring our knowledge of the industry to computer training and train delegates in how they can use the package/s to best advantage in their particular job role and with their particular needs.

Our computer courses are not simply 'learn a package' course. They closely follow our main training philosophy in developing useable practical skills.

Packaged and Customised Programmes

We also provide continuous ongoing training support for certain of our clients - effectively running their training department. This reduces their costs and time spent on this vital area as well as ensuring that the necessary attention to training and development takes place.