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Computer Based Training And Interactive Products

At present we have four products under our CBT flag.

Competency Course

The course is designed around a series of key ‘practical' competencies covering all the key aspects of our industry.

It is not a ‘formal-education' course but a real hands-on course designed to enable students to obtain the knowledge they need - and then helps them to build this knowledge into practical competencies. The course uses the latest browser and Internet technology to introduce course content, supply interactive exercises and case studies and links them through a unique support system to an interactive network of other students. If you need to develop the key skills and knowledge needed in today's industry this course is the one for you. It is the most comprehensive ever published on our industry.

Key Aspects of the Competency Course

  • CD-ROM based course containing the equivalent of over 1,000 pages of information all instantly accessible via a browser interface - with the addition of the built in Internet links this rises to well over 3,000 pages.

  • Comes complete with course guide and Competency Passport - the passport builds into the record of competencies gained.

  • Interactive course structure enabling students to move through and around the course at their own pace and pursue their study of industry subjects/topics .

  • The course has an incredibly comprehensive interactive Glossary (almost a course within a course) that enable students to cross-reference topics, to explore areas of particular interest or simply answer industry questions.

  • Brand new material on stock financing, turnaround finance and many other ‘related' financial services.

  • Multilevel student support available via email, telephone/fax

  • Computer based and ‘human' marked competency assessments build to a full pack of competencies that evidence a students progress through the course.

  • The course can also be tailored for specific companies so ..for example greater assessment can be made on {say} International topics for a student working in a factor/discounters international division.

To review a short demonstration extract section of the new course click below and follow the links at the end of each section.

The Factoring/Discounting Interactive Data Base

A really useful tool packed full of useful and available information on a wide range of topics. This is the interactive glossary of Factoring and Discounting terminology. Plus links to lots of really useful web sites where that vital information can be found.

Understanding Client Payments (DBS)

A self-tuition training disk that teaches someone the impact all the various financial transactions that cross a clients account with factor/discounter have on the current account. A simple tool that every new operational manger should understand.

Interactive Operational Procedures and Security Manuals

Yes...... it's a nightmare. You just hope your people are following your procedures/policies correctly, if not you will either get hell from the auditors, from your parent company or you will run the risk of losing a fortune when a rule is broken. And keeping procedures up to date can be an even worse nightmare - hundreds of bits of paper circulating around the company, some filed correctly and some just dumped in drawers..isn't there an easier way?

Well frankly yes there is. One of the areas that we have been active in this last year with a number of our clients has been working on projects to bring up to-date and turn their existing procedures manuals into interactive browser based manuals. This approach offers a number of major benefits particularly ....

  • Provides immediate access to the manual by all staff at all times.

  • Removes costly (time and money) paper distribution methods

  • Allows instant updating to all staff immediately a change in procedure/policy takes place.

  • Everyone always has the latest updated procedure

  • A single central point for updating and distribution - this can be linked to an internal e-mail control system to ensure all staff read the new procedures/polices.

  • Allows totally flexibility of information within the ‘manual' - information can be ‘attractively' presented to the readers and we can even introduce/build in interactions and training

  • All documents / forms etc can be included removing the need to print forms which are only occasionally used.

  • And the biggest benefit is that the exercise can actually save you money - the conversion can easily pay for itself within 12 months - or even quicker if it prevents a single bad debt!!!

Interested in how you too can get these benefits? Then just give us a ring and we will be happy to arrange to meet and discuss options.