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Specialist Audit, Survey and Support Services - for the Factoring/Discounting and Asset Finance Industry
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Special Services

Financial Package Reviews

A broad based analysis of a client that is designed to review and consider all assets available and to see if funding is correctly and most effectively structured.

Discounting Reconciliations

  • Completion of discounting reconciliations…

    • On a regular basis.

    • As a one off exercises to assess overall security or to assist with backlogs etc.

    • To support / or in conjunction with audit visits.

    • Or as one offs to ensure internal staff are correctly picking up on all key security risk areas.

Collect Outs

  • The extra resource that you need when a client terminates.

  • We can supply a team to handle the 'time critical' activity of customer contact and collection to maximise your recovery in the shortest and most cost effective manner possible.