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Services Offered

The FaCTS Alchemy package offers the following services, which takes your initial inquiry and follows it right through - even after you enter into a factoring agreement.

And of course the cost to you......is nothing.

All our services as outlined below are delivered free of charge to our users. Our fees, which we are more than happy to disclose, are paid by brokerage commission by the factor/discounte or ABL who finally offers you a facility which you accept.

Your only commitment is to make contact with us and let us assist you in quickly and efficiently finding the 'perfect' factoring/discounting partner for your needs.

Our service delivery has a number of elements, many of which are unique to FaCTS Alchemy

  • After initial contact, via this site or by telephone/letter etc., one of our partners will telephone you for an initial discussion of your needs.

  • This will enable us to quickly assess your general suitability for factoring, discounting or asset based lending and to advise you appropriately.

  • After we have gathered the key information about your requirements and your business we will make our initial assessment of your business. And then match you with a suitable factor/discounter or other lender who will normally like your type of business and be able to meet your needs.

  • We then quickly pass your information on to one or more companies who we feel can deliver just what you need. (We usually recommend that we pass your information to at least two companies so you can get competitive quotations as well as making service comparisons). However as we have already matched you with a factor or discounter who are most likely to be interested in accepting your business we can save you considerable time 'shopping around'.

  • The "Key Questions to Ask List" - this is unique to FaCTS Alchemy. Depending on our analysis of the information you give us we will give you a list of key questions to ask of the 'specific' factor/discounter that we introduce to you. These questions will get you past the 'sales pitch' and into the crucially important operational issues which will fundamentally effect your relationship with your chosen factor/discounter.

  • Telephone information hotline to one of our partners who from their firsthand knowledge of the industry can answer any of your questions concerning the products, the quotations being offered even on the comments made by the sales staff of the factor/discounter.

  • Explanations - in 'simple' English of the various legal documents (note we always recommend that you take independent legal advice from your own lawyers before entering into any legal agreement) explaining what they mean in practical terms. And explaining how in practice factors and discounters operate within them on a day to day basis.

  • Once you enter into an agreement we will be available, particularly in the early days, to explain operational issues and how to get the best out of the arrangement.

  • Overall we offer a unique and unparalleled level of support for those entering into factoring or discounting arrangements.